Repetition Hell



I hear the waves lapping at the shadows my feet make

In the sands along the beach

The seaside catwalk

The sandy revenue.


I open my eyes only to see the stars causing an earthquake

Attempting to teach me

Teach me how to frolic

Through the frosty black and blue.


I feel the grass beneath my fingerprints, ready to take

The darkness that has decreased

Beneath the dock

Hailing the coming of many short moons.


And I sigh as I turn to fake

A smiling, careless face to tease

The dastardly, harrowing crock

That is the seasons’ repeated view.




Five Lines

Watch the girl with the open book,
Watch her, as she yearns
And as she looks
For something more than just
Fairy tales in books.

Five-lined poems fill her thoughts
Surrounded by waves of dark, crowded space
And it’s sad because all she feels is empty
Yet the crowded thoughts keep their place.

But maybe her thoughts would be at peace
If she instead sat down and listened
To the people who say she is not the fold in the sheets
Instead, she is the open valley
The found missing piece

No more feverish writes
Or late-night sobbing
She keeps fighting for her life
Through her five-lined poems.

A Dance to Remember

The boy with the blue eyes,
With the delicate face
My hands entangled behind his neck
His arms around my waist
We dance in random steps, small arches to and fro
One, two, three, four
Following the rhythm of our own
Hearts that follow no beat at all.

Our night follows no schedule
Only follows our steps
Hands clasped, heads bent
And smiles direct
We walk in sync
To the music of the stars
And dream out loud whilst making wishes
Fluffy dandelion seeds sparse.

His face I touch ever so lightly
And our blue eyes connect
He held me oh, so close
I would have almost called it perfect
Except for the lack of a kiss
The night was nearly over
And then I realized this:
Our dance, this story, has only just begun.

The Road Ahead

I used to look back on a past that haunted me
But no more of that
I’m set free.
All the kids and adultsTeachers and teens
All the people who said,
“you’ll never amount to anything”
All the people who ridiculed
Saying, “You’ll always be a nobody.”
Well I proved them wrong
They let me be
Because after all these years
I am the hero in my own story
No more damsels in distress
Or knights in armor for me
I am finally someone,
No longer a nobody
I’ll never reroute to my old ways
Like I said, I am set free
No more scars, no more drinks
No more weed
I’m not here to ruin my life
But to serve a one true God
I’m not going back
All I have is the road ahead of me.

If You Really Knew

If you really knew me
You’d know I wasn’t into pop music
You’d know I hate the taste of mustard
If you really knew me
You’d know I have a strange sense of humor
You’d know I love to play board games
If you really knew me
You’d know I enjoy holding hands
You’d know I like the sweet bliss of being alone
If you really knew me
You’d know I was into the little things
You’d know I have feelings
If you really knew.


The sky is full of colors
Full of cataclysms
Full of flaws.
Like the people of the earth
That walk below it.
Full of cataclysms
Full of flaws
Living up to mistakes
That they can never
Ever renew
Forever a crack in their lives.
Forever a dent in space.