Poetry Changed Me

I’ve gone from a sick mess
To a little less stress
And put on some weight
Even got a few dates
I’m stronger now than I was before
I opened the door
To a whole new life
All with a few rhymes.



To fear gaining weight,
I’m already living my fear
Every day one more pound,
And I’m still only half way there.
The fortitude of starvation
Is becoming ever more attractive
To my short-coming eye.
I don’t see my heart growing stronger
So why not my stomach.
Not to say I’d diverge
Or necessarily take away
But to merely get rid of
This is what I wish.
For the sake of my

Hidden in the Dust

You liar,
You two-faced mirror,
You say you care?
Ha! I laugh.
How can you even dare
To say such a thing.
You don’t care.
You say,
“You’re bringing me down,
You need to stop being sad.”
How can you say that
When you say you care
In the same sentence
You don’t care
So pay your dues
Get out of my life
You drunken excuse
For a friend.

Watery Wondering

Laying here in hot water
It’s no more than life
That gets at me
My throat closing
Making so I cannot breath.

What it would be
If I lay in the water
Longer than I should
Will things get better
Cleaner even.

I’ll learn to close my mouth
Shut off the evil words
The ones I encourage
When I speak them, absurd
How easy it is
To dirty the water.

I’ve Sinned

I wonder if the sin itself is what’ll send me to hell,
If I’ll end up in a cage full of demons like myself
Those who’ve sinned and not repented
Or if I’ll be placed in my separate box,
To rot away like the tainted fruits I carry
For I am only human
How was I supposed to know any better?
Was it truly my fault?
Was it truly my own act?
Or did I have accomplices,
Those friends who passed me the blunt
Who passed me the cancer stick
And made me run a mile before telling me
What they were actually made of
They obviously didn’t care.