If I could talk all the time,
I would never know what to say
I’d be afraid
To speak my own way.
And another thing
I’d feel like I’d have to pay
For every lying word
Every day.
For the price of our words
That lead us astray
Is our holy salvation
That mansion in the clouds we’ll have someday.


I’ve Sinned

I wonder if the sin itself is what’ll send me to hell,
If I’ll end up in a cage full of demons like myself
Those who’ve sinned and not repented
Or if I’ll be placed in my separate box,
To rot away like the tainted fruits I carry
For I am only human
How was I supposed to know any better?
Was it truly my fault?
Was it truly my own act?
Or did I have accomplices,
Those friends who passed me the blunt
Who passed me the cancer stick
And made me run a mile before telling me
What they were actually made of
They obviously didn’t care.