The Road Ahead

I used to look back on a past that haunted me
But no more of that
I’m set free.
All the kids and adultsTeachers and teens
All the people who said,
“you’ll never amount to anything”
All the people who ridiculed
Saying, “You’ll always be a nobody.”
Well I proved them wrong
They let me be
Because after all these years
I am the hero in my own story
No more damsels in distress
Or knights in armor for me
I am finally someone,
No longer a nobody
I’ll never reroute to my old ways
Like I said, I am set free
No more scars, no more drinks
No more weed
I’m not here to ruin my life
But to serve a one true God
I’m not going back
All I have is the road ahead of me.


A Time in the Past

Blood splattered on a page
From a time I once knew
Its all too good to be true
The fact that I’m no longer hurting
Or at least hurting less
No more veil, no more stress
Just I and my black pen.

Threw away my inspiration
But found another to use
Nearly like a resume, a muse
Only to get me started back up again
I have still the same fears, but no more to lose
Just I and my black pen to cruise
Together down this path that I’ve found.