A Dance to Remember

The boy with the blue eyes,
With the delicate face
My hands entangled behind his neck
His arms around my waist
We dance in random steps, small arches to and fro
One, two, three, four
Following the rhythm of our own
Hearts that follow no beat at all.

Our night follows no schedule
Only follows our steps
Hands clasped, heads bent
And smiles direct
We walk in sync
To the music of the stars
And dream out loud whilst making wishes
Fluffy dandelion seeds sparse.

His face I touch ever so lightly
And our blue eyes connect
He held me oh, so close
I would have almost called it perfect
Except for the lack of a kiss
The night was nearly over
And then I realized this:
Our dance, this story, has only just begun.


Matches and Burn

I’m gonna throw it all away,
Everything you ever said to me.
You’re not worth it,
You never were.
I used to say,
“There is no better than you.”
But now I know I was wrong.
I can do so much better.
And I forgive you,
For all your wrong-doings and words.
They say love fades away so quickly,
But how can love fade
When there was never love to begin with?
There was only lust,
On your side.
And love on mine.
Never a good combination.
Neither were we.

Standing in the Rain

I always thought that
Maybe someday you’d
Be standing there waiting for me
On the platform at the train
Instead of there
With another woman
Hating me. I’d be waving goodbye
While you smile and wave
And wonder when I’d be back
And I’d wonder what you were
If you missed her or if you wished
That you were anywhere but here.
“This is why it’s raining,” the child said
To her mother
And her mouth made a straight line
In her cheeks.
And I’m still standing here

From The Boy

I met a girl one day
She wore long sleeves, long pants
It was midsummer.
I asked her why and
She gripped her sleeves tight
Says it’s was the cat and
Smiles brighter than she should.

But the thing is she didn’t own a cat
Only a sharp silver blade
Sitting in her room every night
Crying out for help
In silent tears that hit the floor
“Not anymore,” she cried
“Not anymore.”

Now the girl I met that one day
Who wore long sleeves, long pants
In midsummer,
I asked her how she was doing
And I said, “I’m glad you’re doing good.”
She gripped me tight and cried
“Don’t ever leave me.”
And I never did.